Course structure.

Here is another "way" to look at the articles. It splits the data into 2 modules. Basic Administration and Advanced Administration. As we will add modules, we will complete the data in here as well. Please note that the organizing of the data in here will change thought the time.

BASIC Administration

  1. The hardware
  2. Administer the system
    1. The Administrator
    2. How to add an administrator to the system
    3. Connecting to the system
    4. Using tutty
    5. The phone numbering system
  3. Stations and phones
    1. VoIP Stations
      1. Adding a VoIP Station
      2. Button programming
      3. Usual types of buttons that you can add on a station
    2. Analog Phones
    3. VoIP Avaya/Polycoms Conference Phones.
  4. Class of Service
  5. Class of Restriction
    1. COR - The Basic
    2. COR - Advanced stuff
  6. Coverage Paths
  7. Hunt groups, coverage answer groups and hotlines

Advanced Avaya Administration

  1. Dialplan
  2. Trunks and Signal Groups.
  3. World Class Routing
    1. FRL
    2. Route Pattern
    3. ARS Tables
    4. ARS Digit-Conversion
    5. How DID numbers are assigned to extensions when making an outbound call
  4. Caring for the mobile users (aka - road warriors)
    1. EC500 - Part 1 - What it is and how to use it.
    2. EC500 - Part 2 - How to setup step-by-step.


  1. Hi I would like to learn all about Avaya programming. It would appreciate if you could help me out, actually I have a background with another PABX system its is Nortel if you need to know. Thanks


  2. Its really a great knowledge share. Since i am new to AVAY with this doc i understood most of the concepts.

    Amruth Raj

  3. How can I follow your site? I don’t see any follow icons.


  4. Agbo Sunday Felicity

    Please, I need your assistance on how to configure auto attendant from the ground up.


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