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19. Trunks

19.1. Avaya Trunks - Digit Absorbtion

Q: You can see how in this case telcom is sending 7 digits and we are removing 3...

A: Simple: 4 digit lenght. I don't know the form as you have to do a display dialplan ana but if you substract the 3 digits you are absorbing from the 7 digits that the telco is sending, it means your dialplan has 4 digit length extensions defined.

19.2 Avaya Trunks - Digit Insertion...

Q:Now, if we would had a dialplan where our extension would be 71xxxxx what would you setup in here if your telco would send you 4 digits ?

If you have 7 digits extension but the telco is sending only 4 numbers that you have to add teh missing 3 ... In this case the 710...

12. Hunt groups.

The group extension is missing from the picture ! This group does not have a number .

10. The dialplan.

Notice how the lenght of the FAC's is 1 ? That means that as soon as you will dial a * or a # the system would go to the feature access code table to see what to do with that code. Remember when i was saying ... THE CLOSEST MATCH ? Well, in this case, as soon as it reachs 1 digit (and that would be the * or #) the system would stop "listening" for more digits. The correct entry should be *, 3, FAC and #, 3, FAC not *,1,FAC and #,1,FAC  in the case that we use a 2 digit FAC code ... *xx and #xx.


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  4. Hi , If we activate EC500 in avaya phone , So the call came and picked from mobile till now am clear.
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