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How to configure EC500 on Avaya CM – EC500 Part 2

We discussed in the previous article what is EC500 and what we need to set it up. In this article we will go over the setup process. There are two parts of the setup process. The first step is to be done only once (defining the config set). Once the config set has been defined to add a new user ...

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25. Caring for your mobile users – EC500 – Part1

In the next two lessons we'll be discussion about the options that are available to our "mobile" (or more like mobile phone carrying) users. There are basically two very helpful options that a mobile user can use: 1. EC500 and 2. XMOBILE stations In this part of the course we'll be covering the EC500 portions and then we will be discussing ...

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16. Class-of-service – COS

This is the final chapter in the basic admin module. We will discuss about Class of Service. It's used in the station management and it specifies what are the permissions (as in features) that the user  is entitled to. Please don't be confused between this and the user admin in the CM. We are speaking here about the station alone. ...

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