4. The Tool – Using tutty in Avaya Aura

Once you double click the saved session in your tutty, you will open a connection to the CM. Select the default emulation (vt100) by pressing ENTER once presented with the question. Once you have the connection open you're actually at the Aura's OS level (Linux in this case). There are a lot of commands that can be issued from this ...

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3. The tool – installing and configuring

So as i was speaking earlier you can use tutty to have a quick tool for administering your PBX. After you got the zip file, extract the file in a folder (i generally use my desktop). In the Host name or IP Address put the ip address of you Aura CM Server then click on telnet. The port will flip ...

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2. The Administrator

So the first thing you have to learn after the Avaya implementation team left you will all that equipment is how to administer it. Sounds easy but the tool they left you, Avaya Site Administrator, might scare you. You can use a basic tool as well called Tutty (probably you know about putty, tutty supports emulation for Avaya as well). ...

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