How to configure EC500 on Avaya CM – EC500 Part 2

We discussed in the previous article what is EC500 and what we need to set it up. In this article we will go over the setup process. There are two parts of the setup process. The first step is to be done only once (defining the config set). Once the config set has been defined to add a new user start from step 2. First make sure you have enought EC500 licences. You can see your number of station licences and ec500 licences if you run the command display system-parameters customer-options. Look under Maximum Off-PBX Telephone - EC500.

1.Define a config set like the one you see bellow. I'm also using Avaya OneX Mobile so that's why you see this title in here. As you can see in my case i have enabled the Confirmed Answer to y (will cause my user to press a number key to confirm that they answered the call). Run the command change off-pbx-telephone configuration-set [number]


2. Phone number that you will use for the cell phone. Command is change off-pbx-telephone station-mapping [extension]. As you can see my extension in this case is 7009 and my cell phone is 4165007892. There is no need for the 9 in front of the cell phone number as i defined in the trynk selection ars. Config set should be whatever number you chose in the previous step. This is page 1 of 2. On page 2 of 2 (second image bellow) setup Call limit to 2, mapping mode to termination, Calls Allowed to All and bridge calls to both. This should be it on this step.

3. Now add the extend call and the ec500 buttons on the station and you're ready to go. Issue a change station [extension] and go over to the button config page.


If you're not sure if a station has EC500 enabled of disabled you can issue the command status station [extension] and look under the EC500 status.

Alsom you can enable/disable the ec500 from a station that has console permissions in it's COS by dialing the feature access codes defined in the system. Display feature-access-codes and look under EC500 activation and deactivation codes.

Next article is optional is you wish. It's about EC500 Advanced Features.


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  3. Thanks for the articles – very informative and helpful. Looking forward to your next entry in this series!

  4. thanks for all the information.
    but can we access the number other then pbx through the office pbx lines?????

  5. Excellent information….very useful!!!

  6. Can we increase the number of rings on the desk phone before the cell phone rings?

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  8. Thank you for the help! Your page is a great resource to me.

  9. when activate ec 500 i want the actual calling number to show on the cell phone yet it showing the DID number, how i can change this

  10. You should also set mapping mode to “Both.
    With this if you use your cell phone to call an office number it will show as your office number as well and they won’t know you are calling from your mobile 😉

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  12. Is it possible to put an indicator light on someone else’s phone to see if my ec500 is turned on?

  13. how can i use the one-X mobile application on my cell phone ?

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  15. After setup, I picked up a call to my cell originating from a call to my office phone and received a dial tone. Any suggestions?

  16. Very good articles. How do I advance to the next article? The last sentence on this page said “Next article is optional is you wish. It’s about EC500 Advanced Features.”. Also, how does one create a login? Where is the create login page?

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