OneX Speech Intro – What is OneX Speech?

First, what is OneX Speech ?

I'm pretty sure that some of you heard of the product already but not exactly sure on all the capacities of it. Here is the techsheets from Avaya. Meanwhile, if you don't feel like reading this here is a small explanation of it.

Avaya OneX Speech is a voice recognition software that integrates with your Communication Mananger and your Exchange/Domino environment allowing you to make calls, send emails, check for your schedule and much more. I know there are a lot of products that will read your emails and also that even your blackberry can use Voice Command dialing but this is different. It's enterprise class product that fully integrates with your email server and your pbx. I'll be sharing more on how to do the setup later. This is part 1 of the OneX Speech training.

I've found this perfect explanation (live demo by the way - impressive) on how Avaya OneX Speech works. Again, it's made by Avaya i'm just sharing this with you guys!. Super product, we will go over how it's configured in a few session next year. So for now "Take a break!"

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