17. Add station -part 5- conference phones.

Now that we spoke about coverage paths, button types COR and COS, we can easily go forward and discuss about how to add other stations, particular Analog stations and Conference Phones (both analog and VoIP).

This section will discuss how to add an Avaya conference phones. At this point Avaya has a conference phone that is H.323 compatible called Avaya 1692. Now, if you go into the system and try to add one,  you won't be able to find one. The solution ? Add a station of type 4620 and you're done (according to the manual you have to enter the 4620 alias - sorry for  the earlier mistake with the 4960). Bellow is an example of one. An interesting aspect of a conference phone is that is should not have a coverage path as this station is not assigned to anyone, unless you decide otherwise. So, the normal behaviour is that you either do not specify a coverage path or you can add a coverage path that sends calls to an announcement. Also, you might want to hide the number from the directory by adding the two ~~ in front of the name

That's it. You are done with adding a conference phone into the system. It's not hard if you look at it, but i hope i saved you some time looking on what's the correct station type for a 1692 in Avaya CM.

Note that Avaya also sold Avaya 4960 (the old model). The setup is the same in this case just easier as you have the type 4690 defined into the system.

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