14. Class of Restriction – COR – basic

Class of Restriction... One of the biggest nebula for beginners. What is this and where do we use it ? Well, if you remember in the Add station - Part 1 in step 5  I've said you should put in there the COR. Here is that image again. You can see that in this case this station has a COR of 1. Well, now that you know where to set it, let's try to define what a COR is. A COR will tell your phone where you are allowed to call and where not to. This is the most important thing to remember. If you have a user coming to you that is saying "i can't access the number 123-123-2134 but my colleagues is able to.." then you have to check the COR setting.

Most of the avaya engineers when are setting a COR will be assigning the permission on a scale where the higher the number the less restrictive the control. In other words, a user with a COR of 6 will have the permission to call more numbers than a user that has a COR of 2. (Again, most of the implementation engineers are following this, but this does not mean that all of the engineers are following this rule).

When you define a new station, you will have to decide what COR to put in there. Well, if you had a nice implementation then all your COR's will have a description. Execute the command "list cor-group" on your CM and look at the results. This is an example of what you can see..

If you wish to dig more into a COR just do a display cor-group and you will see all the settings (we will go over them bellow in detail). Now, in my case you can see that the FRL (facility restriction level, from 0 to 7 with 7 being the highest) is also written in the description; the reason being is that you can have more COR with the same FRL but with different settings. Look at the FRL as you will have tickets to a playground. The more you have you can ride the bigger rides. In here, the higher the number the more routes you can access when making a call (we'll discuss more about the frl in the routing class).

If you are a basic admin or a MAC (modify/add/change) Admin this is all that you have to do. Look at the COR's, pick the right one and assign it to a station. Note that you cannot remove a COR, you can just change it's settings.

Now, if you are into implementation or wish to learn more about the COR's keep on reading. This next section will discuss about adding a COR.


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