How to login into OneX Communicator.

Avaya OneX Communicator is a softphone delivered by Avaya. You can use it when you are connected remotely or you can use it to control your phone (rather then pressing the keys). I'll quickly go over the steps required to setup Avaya OneX Communicator:

First, you have to know that in order to login you will need a CLAN ip address. You can find the CLAN where your phone is registered by running the command status station and noting the ip address. See bellow an example

As you can see you have to navigate to the 4th page and note down the Switch-End IP  Address. This is the ip address that will be used to configure the OneX Communicator. You can also utilize any other CLAN Address if you wish.

Once you got the ip address in order to configure the application, open it then before you login press the small arrow button on the upper left and select settings.

Once you are presented with the setting screen (will go over all the settings in another article) , add the ip address in the field (in my case it was - in your case it might be different). In order to add the address just press the Add button. You can add multiple addressed in here in case you want to manage failover. You can also add your extension and your password in here (these are the settings that you've added to the station - see adding a station - part 1)

Once you are done with the setup and you press the Log On button in the Avaya OneX Communicator application, you will be presented with a screen where you can specify the type of connection that you will establish.

My Computer will use your computer's headset and your computer will be used to controll the phone. Your office phone will be "logged off" and will not be able to receive new calls. It will take up to 20 minutes for the phone to relogin after you are done using (read close) the Avaya OneX Communicator.

Desk Phone will use your phones audio path (headset) but you can controll the phone from the application as well. Basically, you can dial a number from your PC as well if needed (or from a webpage for example) but you can also use your phone. Your phone will still be connected regardless of the state of the OneX Communicator application.

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  1. Very nice and comprehensive presentation.
    Is Avaya OneX Communicator free of charge (without a video option)?

  2. Hi,

    I have a problem, that when i try to log in to One-X, it says that i’m using an unsupported phone type – what is the reason of this?

    • go to asa and type your extension number and you can see type change the type to which phone you are using and i think this wonf support for 1608 phone so change the type to 1616 and save then try it this will work.

  3. I have it setup and it is working. However, I can only make and receive 1 phone call and then I can hear my phone ringing it but I cant hear anything after that. I also cant make another phone call. I need to logoff and log back in to make a phone call. Any suggestions?

  4. Could you let me know how to login into one x communicator through avaya 6408D+ phone

  5. Do I have to use an analog line to setup someone working remotely and is logged in to an ACD as an agent?

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