How to deploy caller applications in avaya mm

Recently, somebody asked me how to deploy a caller application in Avaya Modular Messeging. Here is a step by step tutorial.

1. RDP into one of your MAS (modular messeging application servers). Open the location where the .uma file is located and double click it. Or you can Open MM Caller Applications and select open application by right clicking on the MM Software Calelr Apps on the top.

2. You should see your app on the menu

3. Right click on the app and select "Deploy Caller Application"

4 Next on the menu

5. Select the server where you want to deploy it to if you have more then one (i have only 1)

6. It should confirm that the app has been sucessfully deployed on the menu.

7. Now go to Associations, right click on it, Select New then select Association.

8. Give a name that makes sense to you and then click on the caller application drop down menu and select the app from the menu. In the Association ID you can give it any number you like (i like to assign the same number as for called number for consistency). On the called number put the number you wish people to call the app to.

9. Create a virtual station on your pbx with the same number as above. Give it a type of virtual and a name. Also, put it in a coverage path that sends the call to the voicemail.

You should be done at this point.


  1. Can you do a full export of all the mailbox numbers from the server? What other tricks are there to stay organized??

    • You can always use the dormant mailbox option to see who is not using the mailbox in a while if needed. I will make a post very soon on this.

  2. Is there a step by step guide how to design, setup and record these? I am especially interested in setting up something for a main # box that will instruct callers they can “press 1 for directory”, “press 2 for directions” or leave a message. Is this possible…?

  3. what setup do you have? MSS or integration with domino? i have some questions regarding fax integration

    • Right now we’re using MSS but we’ve looked into domino as well. Shoot your fax integration question, it’s funny that you ask this, i’m actually leading a fax unified communication project for my company and try to see the available options. So far for us MM is not really a solution we might be going with multi-techs FF830. Here is a link with more info on the product. Please note that i’m not actually affiliated in any way to the company.

  4. this site is very much informative.It clear the whole problems

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