6. Add station – part 1.

In here we will discuss about how to add a 9640 station.

First, login into the system and issue the command add station extension. You will see the image like below.

  1. Change the type to 9640.
  2. For the name type in Lastname, Fistname of the user (the reason we're doing this is because Directory searches are based on the lastname). If you wish to hide a user from the directory type in ~~ before the name.
  3. Put the appropiate coverage path (more than normal you'll have coverage path 1). A coverage path will tell the phone what to do if the user is not answering the phone within an appropiate number of rings. Usually, cover path 1 will sent the call to voicemail after a number of calls. (again , we will cover this but at this point we're assuming you're just an MAC admin. Really want to jump ahead and see the coverage path ? Issue display cover path 1 and you'll see what i'm speaking about.)
  4. Leave the TN (tenant) to 1 unless you have a system that mananges more than 1 company.
  5. COR (class of restrictions). Again, the company that implemented the system left you a list of COR's that will tell what call permissions are given to a specific phone. 1 can mean local calls only and 7 might mean international allowed. List COR might give you a more descriptive image if the programmer put in some comments.
  6. COS (class of service). If COR told the phone what is allowed to dial and what not, COS tells the phone what it's allowed to do and what not. Recording greetings or transferring calls over to another phone outside the company might be cases of service allow/disallow in the COS.
  7. Message lamp ext. This field tells the phone to lid out the message indicator in case a new message for extension (the one in this field) arrives. Useful for team phones where an individual does not have a voicemail but the whole team has. In this case you would add in this field the team extension voicemail over the number of individuals of the team.
  8. IP softphone. Very important if you use OneX Communicator or the IP softphone. TURN THIS TO Y if this is the case. Otherwise, a softphone (a software program that behaves just like a phone) might not be able to login with this extension. Also, keep in mind that this is a licensed option so you might not have licenses for this.

Second page gives us more options. Usually, i'm not changing that many options in here.

  1. Per button ring control. I set this to y when i want to be able to control the ring behaviour for each bridge line that i'm adding on that phone.
  2. Brigde call alerting. If you don't set this to y then all the bridge appearances that you add won't ring on the phone. The lines would still flash but you will have no ringing.
  3. Direct audio IP-IP connections. If you have a voice recording software that listens to the medpros (i know i'm going into the advanced stuff here) and want to record internal calls then set this to y.


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