3. The tool – installing and configuring

So as i was speaking earlier you can use tutty to have a quick tool for administering your PBX.

  1. After you got the zip file, extract the file in a folder (i generally use my desktop).
  2. In the Host name or IP Address put the ip address of you Aura CM Server then click on telnet. The port will flip to 23. If you have problems with 23 you can try SSH (22) as well. Generally speaking 23 Telnet is open on more systems than SSH - 22. Also, go below to saved sessions and type a name that will distinguish the sytem. At my workplace i use the tool for MX, MM, AES so i put PRODCM to know which is which.
  3. Go to keyboard section and click on AT&T 513. Tutty Setup - Step 2Confirm with YES at the next question Tutty Setup - Step 3
  4. I always find the text to be too small so i go to Window -> Appearance and changed the font settings to be around 14px (play with this as it might be dependent on your eyes and your monitor size).Tutty Setup - Step 4
  5. Very important. Go back on step 1 and select the Save button under the default settings. If you're not doing this step then you'll lose all the setting you did (not bad, you can always set them up again if needed).
  6. Once you're done, just doubleclick on the saved session (PRODCM on my case) and voila, you have a session open.

In the next part we'll cover how to use the tool with our Avaya CM.


  1. ЎGracias por el artнculo. Cada vez que quieres leer.

  2. I had to use SUNT for terminal type, after typing in sat, in order to get full use of commands.

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