2. The Administrator

So the first thing you have to learn after the Avaya implementation team left you will all that equipment is how to administer it. Sounds easy but the tool they left you, Avaya Site Administrator, might scare you. You can use a basic tool as well called Tutty (probably you know about putty, tutty supports emulation for Avaya as well). You can download it from here : http://putty.dwalin.ru/?downloads or search via a major search engine and look for it. It looks and behaves just as the Terminal Emulator from Avaya Site Administration.

For those of you that don't know Avaya Site Administration is a tool from avaya (http://support.avaya.com - not free btw) that allows you to administer voip systems like your CM or MM. It allows for a lot of functions like export, schedule monitoring and so forth and we will cover the software in a later module.

Btw, I'm not suggesting that Avaya Site Administrator is not a good tool. However, for you to start on the right path i feel like this a way better tool. It has the advantage of being small in size, highly customizable and supports logging so you can go back and see what happend if needed.

So, the next article will talk about tutty and how to install it and use it.

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  1. How will I build an Data base for a Avaya domain?

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