How to configure EC500 on Avaya CM – EC500 Part 2


We discussed in the previous article what is EC500 and what we need to set it up. In this article we will go over the setup process. There are two parts of the setup process. The first step is to be done only once (defining the config set). Once the config set has been defined to add a new user ...

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25. Caring for your mobile users – EC500 – Part1


In the next two lessons we'll be discussion about the options that are available to our "mobile" (or more like mobile phone carrying) users. There are basically two very helpful options that a mobile user can use: 1. EC500 and 2. XMOBILE stations In this part of the course we'll be covering the EC500 portions and then we will be discussing ...

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22. World Class Routing – Part 3 – ARS tables.


I hope you remember the discussion regarding dialplan (where you added the 9 as a FAC) and the feature access codes because you will need them here. We spoke about how the system knows to access the outer world via routes and trunks and how to restrict the users via the FRL. However, what we did not spoke of was ...

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How to use an analog source for Music On Hold


I had users asking me how to setup analog devices for music on hold. Well, this is going to be probably the shortest post so far. What you have to do is to connect the lineout of a music source (like a cdplayer for example) to an analog port in avaya (where you would normally connect an analog line/phone). The ...

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How to use a wav file as Music on Hold


Create the announcement extension. 1)         In CM, build an announcement. Announcement Name: cannot contain any spaces or special characters. In this example I used: Annc Name: Music1  Annc Type: integ-mus Pick a VAL board where music will be stored. Rate will be left at 64. If you do not want this file to be overwritten, select “Y” for Protected. Capture ...

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21. World Class Routing – Part 2 – Route-Patterns


What are the commands associated with route-patterns ? Well, as usual: display route-pattern [number] change route-pattern (no add command, you can just change). I will start with the list command as i want to warn you of a "beginner's" trap. When you execute list route-pattern you might see a screen like this one Don't be fooled by the Name field. ...

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20. World Class Routing – Part 1 – FRL


If you remember I've said that the trunks are the way a call gets out of the system. It's important to make this small distinction. Direct dialing is when you dial a extension in your system according to the dialplan. Indirect dialing assumes that you will leave the system via a trunk. But the trunk is just the way to ...

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